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Since our initial 1 of 1 Tripped-Out-Twerpz (TOTz) promotions were so lip smackin’ popular, we’re doing something inevitable —giving more away!

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Ho, ho Twerpendejo! I’m here to club you over the head once again with another reward offering that’s well, too damn good for YOU to pass up. Make that offerings, plural.

Have you ever dreamt of owning your very own rare 1 of 1 Twerpz NFT? Read on.

a TOT isn’t just a term for a small child anymore. In the realm of Crypto Twerpz, a TOT is a Tripped-Out-Twerp. Observe, the power of the TOT:

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Crypto Twerpz takes the holiday season very seriously; about as serious as 2 mud wrestling midgets in g-strings if I’m being honest, but I digress.

As a collector, I’m always striving to complete sets, so rewards for completing stuff should be a no-noggin.

For limited time, you can snag one or more of these exclusive signed promo posters automatically for completing the following sets until December 28th @ 11:59pm EST:

Complete an 80 card Common set & earn a signed Lunch-Out!! poster by Mr. Monk.

Twerpzville held its breath as the minutes ticked past the launch time & then…Jingle BAM, as Andrew Aiken would say, we were off to the races buying & cracking packs. It was a memorable day for the Twerpzfam!

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The launch of the new Crypto Twerpz site was a resounding success. Packs are being gobbled up & there’s a flurry of activity in our Telegram. Thank you for joining us for this long-awaited moment and for your undying support!

Alright, let’s shift gears & get down to biz shall we?

The other day, a gangly Twerpazoid that resembled Santa Claus stopped by Twerpz HQ & plopped us with some new art pieces. …

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Welcome to Twerpzville! If you’re into deranged parodies of celebrities & crypto influencers, you’ve come to the right place!

This post is an abrupt continuation from Part 1 which you can find HERE.

Promo Card #8z — Poompa Loompa: Poompa is a sketch card variation of 16x, the full color launch version, except for the bright pink background and the guest appearance by Willy Wonka. This card was only available as an airdrop to Lucky Charred owners. Supply: 100. Distribution: Mint matched Lucky Charred airdrop.

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Promo Card #9z — Lucky’s 4-Leaf Clover: We took a slight turn off the beaten path with this one and got a little nutty. 4-Leaf is the rarest Twerpz promo card and also one of the fewest animated promos. Supply: 33.

Since we started minting promos faster than farts in a fan, we wanted to give you more background on them. No. Not the farts! Sigh.

You can easily identify a Twerpz promo card by looking for the ‘z’ designation to the right of each card’s name.

The vast majority of Crypto Twerpz promos have and are still being minted on the WAX blockchain. Only a small amount have been minted on Ethereum.

Welcome to part 1 of an on-going series on Twerpz promos.

You can view the full sized versions of the promos below on the Crypto Twerpz Gallery page.

Promo Card #1z— Elevated Elon: This is our email signup giveaway and first promo reveal featuring Elon’s good buddy Doge. The total supply and distribution has yet to be determined, but whooo-eee it sure is helping us build a healthy subscriber list. Thank you very kindly! Supply: TBD. Distribution: TBD.

General Mills recently demonstrated how low a corporation can stoop in the pursuit of profits by taking one of its sugary breakfast cereals, Lucky Charms, and diabolically extracting every last gram of nutrients from it.

I mean I get it. I still eat fried cake smothered in liquid sugar for breakfast sometimes. Who doesn’t clamor for a good stack of pancakes every now and then?

But then granola bars went down a sinister path when the powers that be started drowning them in liquid chocolate and stuffing them full of candy pieces.

Well, pancakes and granola can just move the hell on over because the future of food is here. Now, for the first time ever, kids and adults alike can start the day off right with a heaping pouch full of granulated sugar in their bellies called Lucky Charms Just Magical Marshmallows. Since when does getting diabetes make you lucky? …

Crypto Twerpz are deranged and twisted digital trading card parodies of well-known people both in and out of cryptoland that are minted on the WAX blockchain.

You collect them. Trade them. Buy/Sell them. No one else but you can own them and they’ll be available for purchase in digital pack and box form in late Q4 2020. Packs are programmed with odds of receiving rare cards that feature various special effects.

Collect our promo NFTs now until our launch day by following us!

I was awestruck! My entire school was sucked into the Garbage Pail Kids orbit. I was just 9 years old at the time, but regular pit stops to the candy store to grab a few packs was a heavenly experience. …


Chief Twerp

Matt McGivern — Twerp-in-Chief @

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