CTz: New Pack & Box Buy Promo Card Rewards

Twerpzville held its breath as the minutes ticked past the launch time & then…Jingle BAM, as Andrew Aiken would say, we were off to the races buying & cracking packs. It was a memorable day for the Twerpzfam!

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The launch of the new Crypto Twerpz site was a resounding success. Packs are being gobbled up & there’s a flurry of activity in our Telegram. Thank you for joining us for this long-awaited moment and for your undying support!

Alright, let’s shift gears & get down to biz shall we?

The other day, a gangly Twerpazoid that resembled Santa Claus stopped by Twerpz HQ & plopped us with some new art pieces. So we decided to spit-polish & gussy them up for you!

Between December 15th @ 12am & December 21st @11:59pm EST, the following rewards can be claimed for NEW pack and box purchases:

1. Buy 10 NEW Peanut Packs & claim this Kardashians promo card…

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2. Buy 3 NEW Big Nutz packs & claim this Andrew Yang promo card below…

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3. Buy either 2 Peanut Boxes OR 1 Big Nutz Box & claim this William Shatner sketch promo card below…

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Again, these rewards will be sent out for NEW pack & box purchases only. Multiple rewards for each category will be rewarded. Please allow 1–2 days after this offer ends for your rewards to be re-plopped with extra sauce.

Bubba: “Um ok that all sounds gravy Skeeter, but can I stack rewards?”
Me: “Yes. You can earn all 3 promo rewards provided you qualify for each one separately.”

Bubba: “Bawler. Oh hey, hey, Skeeter? How many of each card will you mint?” Me: “We’re only minting enough to cover people who qualify & fill out the claim form. No extras will be minted.”

Bubba: “Bellissimo! Ok, but Skeeter? What if I bought a lot of these things already, but just not between 12/15 @ 12am & 12/21 @ 11:59am PST?”
Me: “(Sigh), then no rewards for you Bubba.”

Bubba: “Manifique! Well, ok, but now what if….”
Me: “My man, that’s enough dag-gone questions from you, capiche?”

On behalf of me & the entire Crypto Twerpz team, we wish you all happy Twerpz hunting, & look forward to sharing a Merry Twerpzmas with you. If you don’t celebrate Chrismas, I do apologize, but saying Happy Twerpzolidays just sounds dumb. Happy trails!

See more Twerpztastic offers below.

Set Completion Signed Poster Rewards

1 of 1 Tripped-Out-Twerpz Rewards For All Buys & Opens

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Written by

Matt McGivern — Twerp-in-Chief @ cryptotwerpz.com

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