The Crypto Twerpz Lucky Charred Airdropper Card (NFT)

Chief Twerp
4 min readSep 22, 2020


General Mills recently demonstrated how low a corporation can stoop in the pursuit of profits by taking one of its sugary breakfast cereals, Lucky Charms, and diabolically extracting every last gram of nutrients from it.

I mean I get it. I still eat fried cake smothered in liquid sugar for breakfast sometimes. Who doesn’t clamor for a good stack of pancakes every now and then?

But then granola bars went down a sinister path when the powers that be started drowning them in liquid chocolate and stuffing them full of candy pieces.

Well, pancakes and granola can just move the hell on over because the future of food is here. Now, for the first time ever, kids and adults alike can start the day off right with a heaping pouch full of granulated sugar in their bellies called Lucky Charms Just Magical Marshmallows. Since when does getting diabetes make you lucky?

Now if Lucky the Leprechaun thinks he can pull this lousy stunt without getting a ration of shit from us, he’s sorely mistaken which is why I hope you don’t judge us harshly for what we feel is one of our finest Crypto Twerpz promo cards to date.

Introducing Lucky Charred — our first animated airdropper card by Twerpz Master Artist Aris Mikelatos!

Pr0 means Promo from Series 0. 6z means our 6th Promo Reveal.

Mr. Charred here isn’t your run-of-the-mill promo. Limited to a mint run of just 100 cards, his secret power is that he’s the “gift that keeps on giving” and by that I mean his raison d’etre is to rain airdrops down on his owners when they least expect it.

Although Lucky Charred won’t entitle his new owners to every Crypto Twerpz promo under the sun until our Q4 2020 pack and box launch, owners will be entitled to a healthy combination of past and future Twerpz promo airdrops. In short, Lucky Charred is destined to be one of the most kickass promos we’ll ever release. Period.

Lucky has a few tricks up his sleeve too. For instance, sometimes the mint number of a particular airdrop will be the same as the owner’s Charred (ex: If your Charred is #5 mint, the airdrop card will also be #5 mint).

Mr. Charred also reserves the right to occasionally reward his owner with a certain promo that other Charred owners may not get. However, in these situations, The Crypto Twerpz Gods will work overtime to compensate all Charred owners equally over the airdrop lifespan of the card.

Here is the Twerpz itinerary for this weekend if you’re interested in snatching up a Charred card.

9a PDT / 12p EDT: Mint #s 11–100 will be drip fed for 1,280 WAX each on,, and

12p PDT / 3p EDT: Big Mike auctions mint #s 2 and 10 for WAX only in our Telegram HERE.

12p PDT / 3p EDT: Guest auctioneer Danil Pan will auction mints 1, 4, and 6 in our Telegram HERE. Bids will be made in WAX, but payment can also be made using the ETH equivalent if desired.

4p PDT / 7p EDT: Big Mike will auction mints 3 and 5 at in the NFT Hype Telegram for WAX HERE.

And since I’m on a role, I might as well mention that the first airdrop scheduled for Lucky Charred owners will be the Ether Terrestrial promo poster by Twerperrific Architect Mox Gonzalez.

HINT: Don’t be surprised if the mint number of this drop corresponds to your Charred’s mint number.

Yes sir! Lucky Charreds will be be making the rounds on WAX marketplaces this Saturday (9/26/20), so be on the lookout for them then!

And by the way, if your friends or family accuse you of huffing paint thinner when you tell them you’d give your left butt cheek for a Charred, go easy on them ok? Some people just can’t handle the Power Of The Charred.

Matt McGivern
Twerp in Chief

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