The Crypto Twerpz NFT Origin Story

Chief Twerp
4 min readSep 3, 2020


Crypto Twerpz are deranged and twisted digital trading card parodies of well-known people both in and out of cryptoland that are minted on the WAX blockchain.

You collect them. Trade them. Buy/Sell them. No one else but you can own them and they’ll be available for purchase in digital pack and box form in late Q4 2020. Packs are programmed with odds of receiving rare cards that feature various special effects.

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I was awestruck! My entire school was sucked into the Garbage Pail Kids orbit. I was just 9 years old at the time, but regular pit stops to the candy store to grab a few packs was a heavenly experience.

Soon I hatched a plan to release my own trading cards. I called them Smiley Pail Kids. I took 1987 Topps baseball cards, glued blank paper to both sides, trimmed around the edges, and started drawing characters I thought were funny (they weren’t).

Smiley Pail Kids, circa 1987.

Since my “distributors” (aka my parents) hid my paltry customer base from me, I really thought I was going toe-to-toe with trading card giant Topps!

Nearly 35 years later in October 2019, I was rummaging through my old toys and found my GPK cards. A jolt of excitement coursed through me and my old addiction came roaring back. So I started accumulating GPKs on eBay — as if I had a choice in the matter.

I spent a small fortune since my old cards were pretty beat-up. I was desperate to reconstruct all 15 original series sets, in near mint condition or better of course. The kid in the candy store was back!

Since the beginning of 2016, I’ve been a die-hard Ethereum blockchain fan. When you fall into the crypto rabbit hole as hard as I did, you become a permanent resident.

But when blockchain based digital tokens called NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) arrived, many of us knew it was just a matter of time before digital collectibles would become serious business.

In January of 2020, with my drawing skills no better than they were when I was 9, I hired an artist to bring Birdbrain Buterin, my first creation, to life.

After a few more funny characters emerged, I started brainstorming about how to take my idea to the next level.

Then I had my Twilight Zone moment.

I overheard that Topps Garbage Pail Kids were coming to the WAX blockchain. In an instant, two things stuck out for me:

1), GPKs on WAX were going to be A MAJOR HIT!

2), Assuming 1), I would follow Topps’ lead into WAX with my zany parody trading cards idea.

To make a long story short, I bought over 600 GPK series 1 packs during the sale on May 12th and promptly dropped out of the real world for over a month chatting with fellow collectors, accumulating, trading, selling, and buying cards.

I was enthralled! Topps really hit the jackpot by choosing to build on the WAX blockchain!

In due time, I shook myself out of my GPK induced daze, firmly kicked myself in the ass, and then shifted gears.

Crypto Butts soon became Crypto Nauts, which later turned into Cryptokoles (okole means ‘butt’ in Hawaiian) and finally….Crypto Twerpz was born.

Thanks to the support of friends I met throughout my digital Garbage Pail Kids odyssey, I’m fulfilling a 33 year old dream — to create funny trading cards that people will COLLECT AND LOVE.

In the spirit of decentralization, we decided to crowdsource the art for our planned 340 NFT series 0 set and in a few short weeks, successfully on-boarded 18 artists to help bring Crypto Twerpz to life using their unique artistic styles.


Our goal at Crypto Twerpz is to fuse jaw-dropping art with legit knee-slapping parodies that will make you feel like a kid in a candy store. Thanks for checking out Twerpz and we’ll keep an eye out for you in our Telegram chat :)

Matt McGivern

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