The Crypto Twerpz NFT Pack & Box Launch — December 14, 2020!

Chief Twerp
5 min readNov 20, 2020

Welcome to Twerpzville! If you’re into deranged parodies of celebrities & crypto influencers, you’ve come to the right place!

Crypto Twerpz is inappropriately invading your holiday season this year with our series zero WAX-based NFT pack and box sale on December 14th @ 9am PST / 12pm EST. Visit our launch site HERE & get ready to rumble!

Launch supply is capped at 120,500 cards.

2 creamy packs & 2 nutty boxes will be available via WAX tokens & credit/debit cards. Packs are programmed with odds of finding various rare cards. Cards are minted when packs & boxes are opened.

1Our properly poppin’ Peanut Pack. Contains: 5 cards.
Supply: 5,500 individual packs. Price: $8/pack.

Simple Re-Fractures — 1 per pack (100% chance)

Black Death Re-Fractures — 1 in 4 packs (25% chance)

Twerp-O-Mations — 1 in 200 packs (0.5% chance)

2A meatier, more robust Big Nutz Pack. Contains: 20 cards.
Supply: 1,400 individual packs. Price: $30/pack.

Simple Re-Fractures — 4 per pack (400% chance)

Black Death Re-Fractures — 1 per pack (100% chance)

Twerp-O-Mations — 1 in 50 packs (2% chance)

3The noxious & ill-seasoned Peanut Box. Contains: 19 Peanut Packs + 1 Random Nuclear Re-Fracture. Supply: 300 boxes. Price: $180/box.

Treat yer boxes like packs by leaving ’em closed or make a big stink and open them to reveal the exclusive NReF and your unopened packs!

Total: 96 NFTs

4The brazenly brash Big Nutz Box. Contains: 9 Big Nutz Packs + 1 Random Nuclear Re-Fracture. Supply: 200 boxes. Price: $300/box.

We dare you to open some Big Nutz boxes and release the NReF Kraken inside or leave ’em unopened to admire, at a safe distance!

Total: 181 NFTs

What in blue blazes is a Nuclear Re-Fracture you ask? NReFs are toxic goopy twerped out cards that’re only found in boxes, making them rarer than people who can play Pick-Up Sticks with their butt cheeks.

Card Attributes
There are 40 characters in series 0. Each character has an x name and a y name as shown below, hence 80 total cards in the common (or base) set. S0 stands for Series 0.

Each time a pack is opened, some data is saved on the WAX blockchain that makes each card one of a kind. Click HERE for an example.

There are 5 total card rarities (or classifications) as shown below. All 40 characters will show up in the rarities below except for the Twerp-O-Mations.

Commons — Least Rare
40 x & 40 y (80 total) / ~74.9% of total supply
Simple Re-Fractures — 4th Rarest
40 x & 40 y (80 total) / ~20% of total supply
Black Death Re-Fractures — 3rd Rarest
40 x & 40 y (80 total) / ~5% of total supply
Nuclear Re-Fractures — 2nd Rarest
40 x & 40 y (80 total) / ~0.004% of total supply
Twerp-O-Mations — Rarest
10 x & 10 y (20 total) / ~0.001% of total supply

🔷 To partake in the Crypto Twerpz launch, you’ll need a WAX wallet. Packs and boxes will be available for purchase with WAX tokens and credit/debit cards on our launch site coming soon.

🔶IMPORTANT TIP🔶 If you’re crypto savvy, we highly recommend getting your mitts on WAX tokens for the sale. Credit/Debit cards should be used as a last resort since banks are famous for porking their customers at the worst time.

If you haven’t heard the horror stories already, at least you can make not to feature in one.

Don’t get caught with your britches down asking your bank to ok your purchase while your Twerpmates are cracking packs and boxes open.

If WAX tokens aren’t an option for you, at the very least, make sure to call your bank before the launch to pre-approve charges to CRYPTOTWERPZ.COM.

🔷 Crypto Twerpz card owners can list their cards on WAX marketplaces such as,,, and Check these sites for our pre-launch promos that are trading now.

🔷 Want more Twerpz eye candy? Click HERE for our standard-issue collection in-progress and check back regularly for new card reveals.

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Crypto Twerpz was created by a team of 23 artists and collectors! We think our cards melt some serious face and we hope to see you on December 14th at 9am PST / 12pm EST!

Matt McGivern
Chief Twerp