We are NOT working with a production level protocol yet (i.e., Ethereum is currently in beta). We still have 2 more releases until we reach Serenity (final Ethereum release).

Therefore, any arguments against the hard fork because it invalidates the principle of decentralization, ruins the integrity of smart contracts moving forward, invalidates immutability, etc., etc., IS 100% NULL AND VOID.

Any so-called fallout from a hard fork, which is extremely unlikely in my humble opinion, based on the opinions of people who have proven their wisdom/knowledge/expertise in the field of cryptography as far as I’m concerned, would be entirely eroded away in due time.

LET’S BEGIN THE HARD FORK, return all monies to their rightful owners, chalk this up to a substantial and badly needed learning experience so we can move on with our lives, and continue to innovate.

The only worthwhile debate right now is how best to identify the thief (i.e., black hat attacker(s)), if at all possible, and how best to prosecute him/her/them.

Written by

Matt McGivern — Twerp-in-Chief @ cryptotwerpz.com

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